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Investigate test_ftu_skip_tour intermittent failure


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test_ftu_skip_tour is failing intermittently on Jenkins with the following error:
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/var/jenkins/1/workspace/flame-kk-319.mozilla-central.ui.functional.smoke/.env/local/lib/python2.7/site-packages/marionette_client-0.8.6-py2.7.egg/marionette/", line 268, in run
File "/var/jenkins/1/workspace/flame-kk-319.mozilla-central.ui.functional.smoke/tests/python/gaia-ui-tests/gaiatest/tests/functional/ftu/", line 53, in test_ftu_skip_tour
self.ftu.connect_to_wifi(ssid, psk, keymanagement)
File "/var/jenkins/1/workspace/flame-kk-319.mozilla-central.ui.functional.smoke/tests/python/gaia-ui-tests/gaiatest/apps/ftu/", line 185, in connect_to_wifi
File "/var/jenkins/1/workspace/flame-kk-319.mozilla-central.ui.functional.smoke/.env/local/lib/python2.7/site-packages/marionette_client-0.8.6-py2.7.egg/marionette/", line 143, in until
TimeoutException: TimeoutException: Timed out after 30.2 seconds

I was able to reproduce thee issue locally with automation. Repro rate = 1 out of 20
I have not tried to reproduce the issue manually yet.

The error requires further investigation.
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I've been investigating this issue and I noticed that the test is failing because the wifi network we intend to connect to - with password enabled - is not tapped, so Enter password window is not displayed.

That's happening because we are trying to tap the wifi network before it is actually displayed on the screen. I will add a PR to wait for that network to be visible before we tap on it.
Quick fix for the intermittent failure; ahoc results:
Attachment #8550231 - Flags: review?(jlorenzo)
Attachment #8550231 - Flags: review?(florin.strugariu)
Comment on attachment 8550231 [details] [review]
Github PR:

The wait seems appropriate here. Jenkins is green with 41 tries. r+
Attachment #8550231 - Flags: review?(jlorenzo) → review+
Attachment #8550231 - Flags: review?(florin.strugariu) → review+
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