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Update Array.from to match the spec


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>typein:1:0 TypeError: usingIterator is not a function

I'm going to fix this when we add GetMethod() in bug 896608.
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Excellent, r=me with the one comment addressed.

::: js/src/builtin/Array.js
@@ +762,4 @@
>      }
> +    // Step 7 is an assertion: items is not an Iterator. Testing this is
> +    // literally the very last thing we did, so we don't assert here.

Ok, after filing and then marking it as invalid, I see that this still holds. However, the comment doesn't reflect reality anymore: we did just test this as far as actual control flow goes, but the reason for it being impossible to reach this point if `items` is an Iterator is more subtle.

I think we should just add the assert to make it clear that this actually does hold. Dumb people like me might need a moment to understand why, but at least they'd be certain it does.
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review comment addressed

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Yup. No need to re-request a review if you have an "r+ with feedback addressed". (Yes, I did request a further change here, but landing without that change would've been ok.)

::: js/src/builtin/Array.js
@@ +762,4 @@
>      }
> +    // Step 7.
> +    assert(usingIterator === undefined, "'items' could not be an iterable");

"`items` can't be an Iterator after step 6.g.iv"
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