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[e10s] CompositorParent doesn't seem to clear itself out of LayerTreeState when destroyed


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I've been trying to debug bug 1120898 and I think I found a problem in how the cross process compositors are managed. The test in that bug opens and closes windows very quickly. Here's what I see happening:

1. Window is closed. The widget is torn down along with the CompositorChild and CompositorParent for that window.
2. The child process sends up a ForceComposite message.
3. The parent receives the ForceComposite message and it's routed to CrossProcessCompositorParent::ForceComposite. That code finds the CompositorParent that was deleted in step 1 and then tries to use it.

I don't see anything that is designed to prevent this from happening. I think the only reason my patch in bug 567058 triggered this is that it made it possible to create windows a little faster in e10s.

Marking s-s in case this also affects b2g.
Attached patch compositor-fix (obsolete) — Splinter Review
This fixes the immediate problem. However, I'm a little worried about the other places where we do MOZ_ASSERT(state->mParent). I left them alone, but we might want to do null checks there instead.
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Wonder if this is the same root cause as bug 1120331 and bug 1120485, though I appreciate the stacks are not necessarily the same...
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Did you attach the correct patch?
No I did not.
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compositor-fix v2

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Not sure about the other assertions you mentionned. Ideally we'd not have the possibility to shut a compositor down and still try to send updates to it (rather than null checking when it happens).
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(In reply to Milan Sreckovic [:milan] from comment #2)
> Wonder if this is the same root cause as bug 1120331 and bug 1120485, though
> I appreciate the stacks are not necessarily the same...

I think that they are different things.
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On further thought, b2g doesn't have multiple OS windows, so I don't think this is security sensitive.
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Ooh, let's backport this as far as possible!
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