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getUserMedia() fails but doesn't call failure callback when called from a Panel in versions > 34.0


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Steps to reproduce:

navigator.mozGetUserMedia({ audio: true, video: false }, function(m) { console.debug('gum success') }, function(e) { console.debug('gum error') })

or any other way to call getUserMedia from an addon's Panel

Actual results:

Neither the success function or the failure function is called.  In the Developer Edition 36.0a2 there is an error "mm is undefined" thrown on line 409 of webrtcUI.jsm.  The line contains this:

mm.sendAsyncMessage("webrtc:Allow", {callID: aRequest.callID,
                                                        windowID: aRequest.windowID,
                                                        devices: allowedDevices});

Expected results:

The success functiion should be called or at very least the failure function should be.
Can you provide a test add-on?
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i cre(In reply to :Gijs Kruitbosch from comment #1)
> Can you provide a test add-on?

I created a test addon that will reproduce the issue at

I packaged an xpi and put it in the project and i'll add it as an attachment here too.

The addon test should work without an issue on 34.0 but not on 35+
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Attached file addon to reproduce
should work fine in 34 but not 35+
From a very quick look, this seems similar to bug 1007817... and as far as I know getUserMedia never worked in Add-on SDK panels (due to bug 1007817), so I'm surprised you say it worked fine in 34.
Yeah, I had run into but was able to get it to work by making sure to always open the Panel before any getUserMedia() request.
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Can you share your Fix please.
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