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Move tablet action bar to cover tabs, rather than toolbar


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via bug 1111598 comment 12:

(In reply to Anthony Lam (:antlam) from comment #12)
> (In reply to Michael Comella (:mcomella) [PTO until 1/14] from comment #6)
> > There are two solutions to this bug:
> > 
> > 1) Change the background color of the action bar action mode to match the
> > tab color (or to be so different from tab color that it doesn't clash), as
> > per comment 0
> > 2) Move the action bar action mode to the top of the screen, ala Chrome
> > 
> > Note that implementing #1 for 36 and then implementing #2 later is an option.
> > 
> I think we should do that (Implement #1 and then #2). The top position for
> this is best cause it offers a way to escape the Action Bar (by tapping the
> Browser chrome) while not having to deal with issues around persistence
> (i.e. "shouldn't the Action Bar stay there if I navigate away from tabs and
> then back?"). I think being more consistent with the OS in this case is the
> simpler, better option.

bug 1111598 covers #1.
Maybe taken care of with bug 1126061.
Mentor: michael.l.comella, mhaigh
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