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Temporarily enable the preferences that let you debug when using --start-debugger-server


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When trying to start firefox with --start-debugger-server and a new profile:

./tmp/Contents/MacOS/firefox-bin -profile ./tmp/profile --start-debugger-server 1234

... I get this error:

Could not run chrome debugger! You need the following prefs to be set to true: devtools.debugger.remote-enabled,,

Speaking to Panos in IRC we discussed it would maybe be cool if the browser enabled those preferences automatically if the user specifies the --start-debugger-server option
Right now, using Fx Developer edition on Mac (version 49) I can't even get the --start-debugger-server switch to do anything. It doesn't open a port until I manually do a "listen" command in the command line.
Ohhh, I don't think this has ever even been triaged by DevTools. I'm adding +DevAdvocacy so our team track it and see if this gets a bit more of love from the DevToolers.

Thanks for bringing it up-I had forgotten I filed this one. So long ago!
Keywords: DevAdvocacy
Product: Firefox → DevTools
See Also: → 1544760
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