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Let developers localize add-on metadata with jpm


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+++ This bug was initially created as a clone of Bug #661083 +++

While name, description localization gets picked up into .xpi package when building with
cfx xpi
I don'see this happening for
jpm xpi

I use this to test:

locale/ = title-en = author-en = description-en = homepage-en
Hmm it looks like I made a mistake with when landing bug 661083, this test add-on should have required a preferences file as is stated in

I landed bug 661083 in haste because I thought we could support that use case and I knew that we were not going to release another version of cfx, which we still do not plan to do, so I figured I could land the test and implement support for native jetpacks (which are still wip) later.

I've thought about this implementation more and I realize it's much more work than I thought to support the method described here with the sdk localization file structure described here

We can support with jpm without issue, which I have tests for already.

So to summarize, we can support the l10n features in the last release of cfx, which did not include the manifest localization, and supporting this new manifest localization feature introduced in bug 661083 may delay native jetpacks.  So I think we should revert 661083, and reconsider here if that design is still one that we want to pursue, this way we can not further delay native jetpacks.

Making this bug depend on native-jetpacks is a good call.
Depends on: 564675
No longer depends on: 661083
No longer blocks:
Depends on: jpm
Let me summarize further to verify my understanding:

Instead of supporting this cfx feature in jpm as well you want to revert this cfx feature instead?

Leaving us with no such feature?

I hope I am wrong.
(In reply to adrian.aichner from comment #2)
> Let me summarize further to verify my understanding:
> Instead of supporting this cfx feature in jpm as well you want to revert
> this cfx feature instead?

The feature never existed in cfx, and we never planned for that to be the case, since we do not plan to release a new version of cfx.

This is the last release of cfx, you can see that the feature does no exist there either:

I'm sorry this means manifest localization will not be supported as soon as we had hoped, but the good news is that jpm and native jetpack will be released and available that much sooner.
I made a bug about this issue for npm, and I think we should just implement whatever they end up doing, see
This bug might be fixed on jpm and all the issues are tracked on github, please see:

We think this is fixed and needs documentation on MDN.
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This one and bug 1218719 sound very similar. Should we merge them?

It looks like the implementation differs from the originally requested one. Asking for clarification:

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