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Switching between runtime apps and closing toolboxes is slow


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Firefox 38


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On my laptop, it takes more than a second to switch between projects or just close the toolbox.
It doesn't end up being because of some slowness on device/actors...
It ends up being because of css/DOM issue on client.
When we open/close a runtime toolbox, we switch the toolbox into a fullscreen mode and we are hiding the #deck, that contains all panel iframes with a display: none.
That ends up being time consuming and slows everything down.
Let's try to hide the #deck differently to make it fast!
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This is my best CSS skills to make it faster.
I had to also target iframe css in order to make the #deck really be 0px height.
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patch v1

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Huh, it is indeed much faster!

I tried a few variations, but I couldn't really find anything better.

Paul, any ideas on a different approach or just go with this?

::: browser/devtools/webide/themes/webide.css
@@ +296,5 @@
>  #notificationbox[toolboxfullscreen] > .devtools-horizontal-splitter,
> +#notificationbox[toolboxfullscreen] > #deck,
> +#notificationbox[toolboxfullscreen] > #deck > iframe {
> +  /*-moz-box-flex: 0;*/

Remove this
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patch v1

As fair as I can tell, the problem is flushing the huge list of pending reflows from devicepreferences.xhtml. I see 2 options: keep the pending reflows (what this patch does) or only build the UI of devicepreferences.xhtml when it's displayed.

Maybe you can display:none/visibility:collapse the table when the document is not visible (use the page visibility API).

Anyway, until devicepreferences.xhtml is built lazily, this approach (max-height:0) works.
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