Migrate bugzilla.org email infrastructure into Bugzilla Project's community space




4 years ago
4 years ago


(Reporter: justdave, Assigned: justdave)


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Bugzilla.org's email infrastructure is currently all on mailman4.mail.corp.phx1.mozilla.com, which is scheduled for decomm along with the rest of the HCI infrastructure in the PHX1 datacenter.  We need to move it to the Bugzilla Project's community space, preferably combining it with other services already present there.
Assignee: website → justdave
cps.bugzilla.org is now it place, it needs ACLs before we can do anything though. Will file that bug shortly.
Depends on: 1137848
Depends on: 1137854
No longer depends on: 628085
All related code, config, and data have been copied to cps.bugzilla.org, tests are successful, and we're ready to pull the DNS switch.  I want Ed around when I do it though and he doesn't appear to be online at the moment.  Will probably have to do it tomorrow sometime.

side notes: the vendor database currently hosted on itutils1.db.phx1.mozilla.com has been moved to landfill.bugzilla.org (because db1.bugzilla.org isn't ready yet), and firewall holes were opened in landfill's iptables to allow cps to connect to landfill's mysql server.
DNS was switched over at 4pm pacific this afternoon.  Everything looking good at this point, though there were a couple initial hiccups with transport maps on mx1/2 that we didn't catch right away.  No mail was lost.
Last Resolved: 4 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
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