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301 redirect treeherder.m.o/ui/* to /*


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Bug 1063411 meant that the UI is served out of the domain root, rather than /ui/*

However the old style URLs don't redirect, so people are still pasting them everywhere.

Please could you set up a 301 redirect on stage/prod? :-)
Just to double check, this is what I think is needed:
RewriteRule ^/ui([^/]*)$1 [R=301]

I wanted to avoid putting the FQDN in there but you end up with double slashes if you don't. OTOH, maybe there's a different way...  tested on one stage node and it appeared to work correctly.
I think this would this work?

RewriteRule ^ui/(.*) $1 [R=301]

(Tested using )
Hmph, apache docs explicitly say an unqualified/unanchored substitution is invalid; plus, I think I tested it with another flag that made it really not work. 

Tried your suggestion and got "The requested URL /ui/ was not found on this server."

But this works:
RewriteRule ^/ui(.*) $1 [R=301]

It's in place on staging and I don't see anything broken. If it's good, let me know and I'll push to prod.
Thank you - looks fine on stage to me :-)
Prod updated in r99799. Puppet will apply within an hour.
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