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Allow android emulator tests to download emulator


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See For Android 4.4, we need a newer version of the emulator than what is currently deployed to /tools/android-sdk18. could download and install a configured package containing the emulator. That capability would also help local mozharness runs and give us the flexibility to move to a different test slave configuration.
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I wrote my own emulator/sdk install logic, then realized it was already written -- we may as well use the existing support!

This hooks in the existing EmulatorMixin.install_emulator(), if emulator_url or emulator_manifest are configured. I add emulator_url to the 4.4 configuration only, setting it to a zip in my people account, for now.

The emulator is normally launched simply as "emulator", without specifying a path, so PATH needs to be manipulated to pick up the correct emulator. I do that here, again only for the 4.4 config. My zip has everything needed for the emulator, but does not contain adb, so I keep /tools/android-sdk18/platform-tools in the path to pick up the existing adb.

This works well enough for my purposes. Here is a mochitest run, with adb and my emulator, but still using the 2.3 avd:

It passed! And you can see that it is using the new emulator:

22:24:34     INFO - Concatenated QEMU options:
22:24:34     INFO -  /builds/slave/test/build/emulator/android-sdk-linux/tools/emulator64-arm -android-port 5554 -m 1024 -cpu cortex-a9 -android-hw /home/cltbld/.android/avd/test-1.avd/hardware-qemu.ini
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install emulator, if configured

Sorry, I found a problem in this patch. I'll post an improved version soon.
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As described in Comment 2.
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install emulator, if configured

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Once we have tooltool it will pull it for your from the local cache on the machine. That way we don't have to fetch and extract every time.
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a mozharness patch has from this bug is in production
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