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Sync no longer syncs all tabs


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In the past few days, Sync stopped syncing all my tabs. Previously if I used about:sync-tabs I could see all the tabs I had open on every machine. I could double-tap one to open it locally, at which point it would disappear from the list of remote tabs.

Now, only a tiny subset of the tabs from each machine appears in the sync-tabs list. My main desktop has something like 30 tabs open yet only around 8 appear in the sync-tabs list on my laptop. I've tried restarting each FF instance along with forcing a manual sync to no avail. If I open new tabs right now they *do* appear in the sync-tabs list, and if I close one of the tabs from the list it goes away - so tab syncing is at least partially functional.
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The easiest way for me to repro this is to restart FF on my desktop then Sync. Most of my tabs disappear from the sync-tabs list.

If I manually select the tabs on the desktop so they load, then force a Sync again, that usually makes them reappear on the list. So I think this might be as simple as tabs disappearing from sync until they've been manually loaded by selecting them?

Pinned tabs don't sync either, but that's a known caveat, I think?
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Keywords: testcase-wanted
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I don't have a reliable test case for this, but it's consistently broken. My home desktop typically has upwards of 50 tabs open, with sync enabled and working...
Attached image Sync-tabs from tablet
And here's the synced tabs page from my windows tablet after I forced a sync. The most recently opened/visited tabs are there, but nothing else.
Thanks for the explanation. We do limit the number of tabs to 50, and bug 1244622 exists to offer some way to see a larger amount - hopefully we will get some traction on that soon.
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