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FxOS Metrics opt-out should give a choice to delete collected data


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When User opts-out of Metric collection on FxOS, they should be given the ability to delete collected data. This will enable them to control more the FxOS collection of App usage information.
Assignee: nobody → marshall
Just to clarify, this feature would delete collected data on the server, using the deviceID that we send from AppUsageMetrics.

Right now we are automatically deleting AppUsageMetrics data on device when it is disabled, but we will need to send a request to the telemetry server to make this work. In summary, there are basically 3 parts to this bug:

1. Minor UI change in the Settings app, possibly a button or prompt when the user opts out
2. A Telemetry server endpoint and request format. More on that below
3. The device-side AppUsageMetrics change that sends a request to Telemetry

I'm not even sure if the Telemetry server is capable of this at the moment.. tagging Mark Reid to see if he has any thoughts.
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The telemetry server does not currently support deletes.
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Even though Telemetry doesn't support this, we _could_ use Telemetry server to queue up deletion requests, at the very least.. And create a job that processes requests specifically for AppUsageMetrics at some future point.

My thinking is that we'd send an HTTP request along the lines of:


  ver: 1
  info: {
    reason: 'deleteappusage',
    deviceID: <deviceID>

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I think it would be preferable to remove the device ID from the client device (to disassociate the device from any previously submitted data).
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Blocks: 1226182
Firefox OS is not being worked on
Closed: 4 years ago
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