Open Bug 1126854 Opened 10 years ago Updated 2 years ago

An active download is not canceled after restart even if the "Cancel download" button was selected


(Firefox :: Downloads Panel, defect)

38 Branch




(Reporter: cbadau, Unassigned)


Environment: Firefox 38
Build Id: 20150127030230
OS: Ubuntu 12.04 64bit, Windows, Mac OSX 10.9.5

Steps to reproduce: 
1. Start downloading a large file. 
2. While the download is in progress, go to File menu -> Exit. Click on the "Cancel 1 download" button. 
3. Reopen Firefox and open the Downloads panel. 

Actual results: The previous active download is not canceled (is paused) and is restarted after Firefox restart. 

Expected results: Change the name of the "CANCEL 1 download" button or cancel the active download when exit Firefox.
Mistakenly filed against Firefox 38 and should be instead 38 Branch. Sorry for the spam. dkl
Version: Firefox 38 → 38 Branch
Severity: normal → S3
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