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"Add login" form in about:logins on mobile


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We need a way to manually create a login and that involves a basic form. On Desktop, this works completely in the Doorhanger/Panel. For Mobile, this might not be as practical so we can make use of our about:passwords page in this case.

Form styles keeps largely consistent with the Sync UI, let's start with this and see how it feels on a phone (dealing particularly with the revealed keyboard).
Summary: Add login form in about:passwords on mobile → "Add login" form in about:passwords on mobile
Assignee: nobody → ally
not part of v1
Just to confirm this is the manual fill feature that is listed under Aha FENN-233?
Flags: needinfo?(alam)
Summary: "Add login" form in about:passwords on mobile → "Add login" form in about:logins on mobile
I think so. This bug is linked in the Aha! card but I think the title of that card is a bit confusing...

Ally, what's the status on this? I thought I saw something working go by... Maybe I'm mistaken?
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You saw the 'edit login' work go flying by. This is part of the v2 currently, 1183225.
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Assignee: ally → nobody
Assignee: nobody → ally
Assignee: ally → nobody
Mentor: ally, nalexander
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