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Remove "builtinclass" interface attribute from nsIMobileConnectionCallback


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"builtinclass" means

JavaScript classes are forbidden from implementing this interface.

Most of the methods in nsIMobileConnection require a nsIMobileConnectionCallback.  If it is not allowed to be implemented in JavaScript, that means other services like GonkTelephonyService which we wrote in JavaScript is not possible to use those method.

For me, it's not reasonable and I'd like to change it.  The only problem is that I'm not really sure whether it will affect our locked down interface or not.  If the new interface remains the same binary compatibility, we are okay to do it.

The MDN document lists some attributes and tell whether they affect the binary compatibility [1].  But, "builtinclass" is not in the list so I am not sure about it.

Let me ask the expert. :)

Hi Kyle,

If I change the idl interface attribute "builtinclass", will it affect the binary compatibility?
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No, it doesn't change the binary compatibility, so you don't need to change the IID.  But you should make sure that we don't static_cast an nsIFoo to the concrete implementation type, because that is unsafe without 'builtinclass'.

Bonus points if you update MDN ;)
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Remove builtinclass of nsIMobileConnectionCallback

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