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SystemMessageInternal 1423035594631 : Unknown pendingPromise messageID. This seems a bug!!


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While debugging bug 1126119 I found these error messages

I/Gecko   ( 3083): -- SystemMessageInternal 1423035594464 : received SystemMessageManager:GetPendingMessages activity for app:// @ app://
I/Gecko   ( 3083): -- SystemMessageInternal 1423035594631 : received SystemMessageManager:HandleMessageDone activity with msgID undefined for app:// @ app:// - promise rejected: false
I/Gecko   ( 3083): -- SystemMessageInternal 1423035594631 : Unknown pendingPromise messageID. This seems a bug!!

Which seems caused by

I'm not sure if this is real issue. fabrice?
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That's from baku's latest changes (see

Andrea? "This seems a bug!!"
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kanru, can you reproduce this issue 100% of the times?
Do you have a small test I can use it?
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I could reproduce it 100% of the times. Just uncomment the debug function in SystemMessageInternal.js and launch any app with activity. For example, I long tap the homescreen background and choose the Gallery app to choose background.
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Assignee: nobody → amarchesini
Attached patch id.patch (obsolete) — Splinter Review
We need the msgID also when the GetPendingMessages is called.
It doesn't seem that the messageID is used anywhere else, so it should not be a problem to keep it and send it to the child.
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If green, checkin-needed.
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Andrea, the latest patch seems to contain unintended modifications to Blob.cpp
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Yeah... I did mix 2 patches in one. Here the new try push:
I'll mark this bug checkin-needed if this is fully green.
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