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See addy's tweet:

That's bad-ass, we should do it.

In Firefox, this is what I get instead:
I generally deal with cache stuff so I can take a look.
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No time.

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Duplicate of this bug: 1176416
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Comment from Bug 1176416:

Chrome 42+ has a feature (when dev tools is open) in which pressing and holding the reload button in the location bar opens a contextual dropdown with three options:

-Normal reload
-Hard reload
-Empty cache and hard reload

Screenshot attached.

This is extremely useful for clearing cache repeatedly during development, and also for power users who need to confirm that they are getting the latest version of a file. Please consider implementing something similar.
Comment from Bug 1176416:

This feature seems really handy.  A little weird that it only happens when the toolbox is opened, but I guess that is to keep non-devs from seeing it (it's not clear to me if that would actually be a bad thing).

We already have a hold-to-open menu UI on the back/forward buttons, so maybe some of that could be reused.


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