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Add a link to the Firefox & Thunderbird Add-on Converter for SeaMonkey


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> This item should be moved to somewhere more permanent and discoverable. 
> Ratty proposed a link on the front page of 
> possibly near the "Add-ons" navigation item.
Or just below the Add-ons item in the left navigation pane.
I don't think this deserves a top-level menu item, and since the "Add-Ons" menu item is an external link, we cannot have a sub-menu item there either. So, some potential alternatives:


What do you think?
I envisage that this link is for the benefit of SeaMonkey users rather than SeaMonkey developers so (1) and (3) are unsuitable. (2) is not very discoverable (for end users).

> I don't think this deserves a top-level menu item
This has turned out to be extremely useful for SeaMonkey users. I'd like a link or description somewhere prominent and not buried deep in some sub-page.
Agreed, it's an external but important resource for the user, thus shouldn't be hiding on the wiki or development pages (as it's not for development as such).
In my opinion a middle ground would be the best option. The converter, while very useful, is an unofficial and experimental tool therefore I don't think it deserves a top level menu item. But still, hiding it on some developer pages doesn't make sense since this should be easily discoverable by normal users.

I would suggest changing the top level "Add-Ons" menu to point to a separate page which would first list a link to AMO and then links to unofficial resources like the converter - and possibly there could also be other resources like the Philip's modified extensions page, etc.

There could also be a submenu appearing after clicking "Add-Ons" listing AMO, the converter, etc.

As a bonus, this page could explain some vital issues for the users regarding extensions, for example the AMO site often erroneously marks even a little bit old SeaMonkey extensions as incompatible - this page could explain the issue and encourage users to "install anyway".
Blocks "Bug 1138883 - (meta) Make SeaMonkey compatible Add-Ons more discoverable and convenient"
Blocks: 1138883
I am a little worried - do we still nee this one?
Product: Websites → SeaMonkey
If the converter is still useful, perhaps a link to it could be added at <>.
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