Investigate options for replacing Venkman



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Venkman no longer works and is no longer shipped with SeaMonkey.
Something is needed to replace that functionality and one option is TinyJSDebugger
Need to look at what needs to be done to replace Venkman with something like TinyJSDebugger.
User Story: (updated)
Toyed around a bit with TinyJSDebugger 1.1.3 today, and I'd say we should ship it as a Venkman substitute. It surely lacks some polish and a bit of Venkman's functionality, but nothing crucial (IMO) is currently missing.
My humble opinion is that we probably should not ship a preinstalled JS debugger add-on at all unless we ship a full-features set of developer tools, which I don't think we can reasonably argue nowadays that we do.
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