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Include *.su geographic domains in public suffix list


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Steps to reproduce:

Go to some * site (for example)

Actual results: only highlighted in URL bar 

Expected results: should be highlighted in URL bar
Note that is opened for public registration from RU-CENTER (see and should be considered as public suffix.
OS: Windows 8.1 → All
Hardware: x86_64 → All
Attached patch Diff to public suffix list (obsolete) — Splinter Review
Attached patch to public suffix list
We only accept applications for inclusion in the Private Domain section from representatives of the site themselves. This is to make sure they are aware of the consequences of being included. Please encourage them to apply themselves, or endorse this bug.

Thanks Gerv!

Send a mail to
Meanwhile, I think that make sense to include all geographic *.su domains in one shot, so I renamed bug and will supply updated patch
Summary: should be in public suffix list → Include *.su geographic domains in public suffix list
On behalf the Foundation for Internet Development, the manager of the .su TLD, we support the inclusion of the *.su geographic domains in the Private Domain section.
Please, let me know if I can be of further assistance with this issue.

Best regards,
Sergey Ovcharenko
Director for .SU domain development
Foundation for Internet Development.
Added full list of geographic domains for *.su
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Gerv, this is enough?
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Oh, I see. This is not an application for the Private Domain section; these are official divisions.

Yes, this is fine.

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Gerv, what's next step? 
Should I ask someone with commit access or peer of this module or anything like that?
You wait for me to fix the patch up and commit it :-)

Thanks a lot!
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Closed: 8 years ago
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There is currently an update under review that is related to this issue:

@Sergey I would appreciate if you can join the conversation and confirm that FAITID is the entity that owned the domains referenced in this commit.
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