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Remove js::IsInNonStrictPropertySet


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Jeff pointed out in bug 1113369 comment 34 that the bytecode sniffing is gross, and we can now do `return result.failNoNamedSetter();` instead.
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The error message gets slightly worse, because we don't include the object class.
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v1 - Remove js::IsInNonStrictPropertySet

Review of attachment 8577221 [details] [diff] [review]:

I'm not too worried about the error messages getting a bit worse; at least the error will be thrown in the right situations!

And if we want these messages to be better, it's an easy fix. (I think I even filed a bug about it...)
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There is some issue on try with Xrays, will investigate:
Now it looks like the result isn't always initialized
I had to initialize some more ObjectOpResults.
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v2 - Remove js::IsInNonStrictPropertySet

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Sigh. Was tempted to bump this to bz, who actually understands what is supposed to be initialized in which cases here. But his time is a lot more valuable than mine so I went and looked it up.

The complete contract of these Xray traits defineProperty methods is specified by the one caller, XrayWrapper<Base, Traits>::defineProperty(). It says:

    bool defined = false;
    if (!Traits::singleton.defineProperty(cx, wrapper, id, desc, existing_desc, result, &defined))
        return false;
    if (defined)
        return true;
    ...bunch more code...
    return JS_DefinePropertyById(cx, expandoObject, id, wrappedDesc, result);

That is:
*   defined is initialized to false before Traits::defineProperty is called
*   if Traits::defineProperty returns false, it doesn't matter what out parameters were initialized
*   if Traits::defineProperty sets *defined to true and returns true, then it must make sure result is initialized
*   otherwise it should *not* initialize result, so that we will detect the bug if JS_DefinePropertyById fails to initialize it!

Clearing r?. The correct fix here is:
1) go back to version 1 of this patch
2) add `*defined = true;` before `return result.failXxxx();` in, two places.

And now that you understand the contract, assuming you do :), feel free to change it to be less horrible! ---in another bug, please.
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This is weird enough, so I am going to ask for an additional DOM peer review.
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v3 - v1 again with jorendorff's suggestions

Review of attachment 8597448 [details] [diff] [review]:

Ugh. Please do file that bug to improve the contract. We might be able to use ObjectOpResult instead of the defined argument (though we'dt need a way to check for Uninitialized?).
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Fwiw, I think the worse error reporting is a real problem here: it makes the error messages nearly non-actionable.

See comments and needinfo request in bug 1139351 (which has pretty much a superset of this patch, but is blocked on not breaking the error messages).
Oh, and as far as the Xrays defined stuff...

I propose we just rename "defined" to "done" and keep everything else as-is.  In particular, it makes total sense to do *done = true if we plan to fail the opresult.

Or we could even just expose an accessor on ObjectOpResult to see whether it's initialized and just use _that_ state in Xrays to decide whether to bail out: if the callee initialized the ObjectOpResult, we're done...
Blocks: 1139351
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I am going to rename *defined to *done in a new patch.
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Show better warnings

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Thanks again.
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