[UX] [Polaris] Create HTML prototype for research to test response to visualizing blocked tracking elements




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4 years ago
After testing the current nightly release of tracking protection, the design team uncovered a reaction to the gaps/white space on the page that result from blocking tracking elements. We'd like to test an assumption that providing feedback on the page in places that are missing will help increase adoption of tracking protection.

Goal is to create a prototype of a few commons sites in html/css with 1-3 design variants over visual overlays where ads/tracking elements typically are. The prototype will then be brought in front of 7-10 users via usertesting.com to gauge reaction.
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4 years ago
Three concepts for visualization styles: http://invis.io/TC2DESOPS

Click grid view to see different concepts (not a flow)
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Just a note to say that Ad Block Plus accomplishes this by shipping customized CSS for around 5K sites that annotate elements that are blocked. These CSS rules are written manually by a team of volunteers. See https://adblockplus.org/en/filters#elemhide for more on CSS hiding rules (though in our case, we would want to overlay a message, not hide completely). I'm not sure this is a space we want to get into.

Bug 1125308 is much more limited in scope (to blocked images of known size) and probably a good testing ground for this idea.
See Also: → bug 1125308

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4 years ago
To clarify, this ticket is not an implementation ticket its for a UX prototype to gauge user reaction to replaced white space before we invest eng time making it happen. If reception is positive with any of the tested concepts, we would continue development of tickets like 1125308 to block known images sizes as a first test.
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