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The test ( is failing consistently in today's smoke suite. From the root page of the SMS/Messages app, tapping the tap right options button would lead to an additional UI flow that the phone is no longer encountering, unless there is an existing thread within the app. With no threads, tapping the 'gear'/options menu button brings the user directly to 'Messaging Settings'.

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/var/jenkins/2/workspace/flame-kk-319.mozilla-central.nightly.ui.functional.non-smoke.1/.env/local/lib/python2.7/site-packages/marionette_client-0.8.7-py2.7.egg/marionette/", line 283, in run
  File "/var/jenkins/2/workspace/flame-kk-319.mozilla-central.nightly.ui.functional.non-smoke.1/tests/python/gaia-ui-tests/gaiatest/tests/functional/messages/", line 21, in test_settings_from_inbox
    activities = messages.tap_options()
  File "/var/jenkins/2/workspace/flame-kk-319.mozilla-central.nightly.ui.functional.non-smoke.1/tests/python/gaia-ui-tests/gaiatest/apps/messages/", line 41, in tap_options
  File "/var/jenkins/2/workspace/flame-kk-319.mozilla-central.nightly.ui.functional.non-smoke.1/.env/local/lib/python2.7/site-packages/marionette_client-0.8.7-py2.7.egg/marionette/", line 89, in tap
    return self.marionette._send_message('singleTap', 'ok',, x=x, y=y)
  File "/var/jenkins/2/workspace/flame-kk-319.mozilla-central.nightly.ui.functional.non-smoke.1/.env/local/lib/python2.7/site-packages/marionette_client-0.8.7-py2.7.egg/marionette/", line 36, in _
    return func(*args, **kwargs)
  File "/var/jenkins/2/workspace/flame-kk-319.mozilla-central.nightly.ui.functional.non-smoke.1/.env/local/lib/python2.7/site-packages/marionette_client-0.8.7-py2.7.egg/marionette/", line 634, in _send_message
  File "/var/jenkins/2/workspace/flame-kk-319.mozilla-central.nightly.ui.functional.non-smoke.1/.env/local/lib/python2.7/site-packages/marionette_client-0.8.7-py2.7.egg/marionette/", line 679, in _handle_error
    raise errors.ElementNotVisibleException(message=message, status=status, stacktrace=stacktrace)
ElementNotVisibleException: ElementNotVisibleException: Element is not currently visible and may not be manipulated

Repro Rate: 10/10

Reproducing manually? Yes, a result of a different UI path however; not a product failure.

First failing:

Device firmware (base) 	L1TC100118D0
Device firmware (date) 	27 Feb 2015 16:33:38
Device firmware (incremental) 	eng.cltbld.20150227.193327
Device firmware (release) 	4.4.2
Device identifier 	flame
Gaia date 	27 Feb 2015 07:48:31
Gaia revision 	f34ce82a840a
Gecko build 	20150227160240
Gecko revision 	b94bcbc389e8
Gecko version 	39.0a1
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Whiteboard: [3.0-Daily-Testing]
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Flags: needinfo?(pbylenga)
My guess is that the settings button locator needs updating:
Assignee: nobody → martijn.martijn
I guess this test started failing with the fix for bug 986510.
Blocks: 986510
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The test is passing on my device.

Options is still used in the application if you have at least 1 message in the application. But as we're dropping the support and no other tests seem to use this function, I'm fine with removing it.
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passes locally for me too. I concur with jlorenzo's feedback.
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