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Register BMO with GMail's email markup feature to enable action buttons


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(Depends on 1 open bug)


As of bug 1102364 (which has also been backported to BMO) HTML bugmail now contains microdata for a "View bug" action, that allows providers such as GMail to display a quick access button next to each Bugzilla email in users' inboxes, similar to what Github emails show:
(Bug 1100476 will also add similar for flagmails).

Whilst the emails already contain this microdata, GMail won't show the action buttons until we (a) meet their requirements, (b) register.

The biggest hurdle is that they require us to use either DKIM _or_ SPF (presumably since they are worried about spammers mis-using the action buttons).

Once either bug 807013 (DKIM) or bug 240169 (SPF) is fixed, we can then finish the rest of the registration process at:
Component: General → Infrastructure
QA Contact: mcote
Given bug 240169 comment 67, it seems like we should already be able to proceed with this :-)

Byron, we need to send an example bugmail to, that has the same headers as normal bugmail (ie I can't do so locally). I tried to create a temp BMO account to do this (first creating with a disposable email and then changing the email address) - however I forgot we re-verify on email change, not just email creation. Could you verify (or manually update the email address of the account to - so I can trigger a bugmail? Thanks :-)
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(In reply to Ed Morley [:edmorley] from comment #1)
> Could you verify (or manually update the email address of the
> account to - so I can
> trigger a bugmail? Thanks :-)

can do - please comment on this bug from the to verify ownership of that account.
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The following changes have been made to the user account
  The login is now
Assignee: nobody → emorley
Thank you :-)
Test comment to send email to the, now that bug 1139872 is deployed.
Registration form completed :-)
Another comment to trigger an email.
Note to self: remember to turn on HTML emails on the test account - oops.
Latest email:

Your "View bug" use-case has been approved. I have started the whitelisting process. If all goes right, your email will be whitelisted in the next few days. You can start sending the markup in your email. The button will start showing up as soon as the whitelist is effective.
I had sent a follow-up on 8th April, which said they hadn't done a prod push yet & he'd let me know. I've not heard anything since, so sent another follow-up today.
Had a few more emails back and forth. One on the 5th May said a prod push had been completed on their side (for the whitelisting), however the action buttons were still not appearing, and after asking again, the latest email response was:

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Our engineers are actively looking into this issue. I will get back to you once it got resolved.
Haven't heard anything since and it's now been 12 days since the last communication from the whitelisting team, so I've pinged them again.
Hi Ed,

Thanks for being patient.

Unfortunately, I don't have any update on this issue. But I can assure you that this issue will be resolved soon. I will update you once your request got whitelisted.

Feel free to reach out to me, if you have further questions.
The action buttons have now started appearing - they must have fixed their issue with the prod push :-)
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