Use the StoreMixin in some of the Loop call views

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As part of the work for bug 1088672, I want to tidy the call views up a bit first and use the store mixin to simplify the props we're passing and the duplicated code.
This uses the StoreMixin in a few more places.

It also fixes a bug in the StoreMixin where it was stopping listening on unmount for all views attached to the store rather than just stopping for the view being unmounted.
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Use the StoreMixin in some of the Loop conversation views.

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r=dmose, with the one added unit test.

::: browser/components/loop/content/shared/js/store.js
@@ +135,5 @@
>            this.setState(this.getStoreState());
>          }, this);
>        },
>        componentWillUnmount: function() {
> +        this.getStore().off("change", null, this);

This would appear to fix a bug, so I'd suggest a unit test here.
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I had to write a new test section (and indent the existing one) to be able to test the store mixin, hence re-requesting review.
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diff -w version

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Looks good with one minor tweak; thanks!  r=dmose

::: browser/components/loop/test/shared/store_test.js
@@ +163,5 @@
> +      testStore ={});
> +
> +      store = new testStore(dispatcher);
> +
> +{store: store});

There a lot of similarly named things here (e.g. it's not obvious on first reading how testStore and store are different).   I think part of the problem is the API itself hard-to-approach, but no need to fix that here.  If you could at least rename things here a bit more explicitly i think that would help test readability notably.
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I'd missed the ui-showcase, here's the bustage fix with rs=dmose over irc:
Per Gavin's request - just updating bugs that carried over before they were 100% resolved to the next iteration.
Iteration: 39.1 - 9 Mar → 39.2 - 23 Mar
Rank: 23
Priority: -- → P2
There were Wr failures after those backouts (and more retriggers prior to when these patches first landed showed some Wr failures), so relanding these:
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