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Deleting an event in the view after opening the event dialog via double-click causes a MODIFICATION_FAILED error


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This is a follow up to Bug 1120258.

Opening an event for editing by double-clicking the event in the view, then deleting the event in the view while the dialog is still open, results in a MODIFICATION_FAILED error. Opening the event dialog using the view context menu, or from the today pane or unifinder, does not trigger the same error.
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Currently, opening the event dialog by double-clicking an item in the view is the only method that calls into the createPendingModification function, which tracks pending modification jobs in the event dialog, and attempts to complete those changes first if a subsequent modification is made before the dialog is closed. Since the fix for Bug 1120258 landed, that is no longer necessary, as the event dialog will observe those changes.
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Lets do it, thanks for looking into this! r/a=philipp
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Checkin for comm-aurora (4.0) is still missing!
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