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3 years ago
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(Reporter: wladow, Assigned: Branislav Rozbora (Mozilla.sk))


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Please add Slovak (sk) locale to Firefox for iOS.


3 years ago
No longer depends on: 1140996
File added in r138946.
Hi Vlado, what are you using to translate the XLIFF file?

I have a script that I use to clean up and update files, but noticed that yours has a lot of "noise" compared to the original one: attributes are ordered alphabetically, extra attributes on trans-units, completely different XML declaration. So I assume it's some kind of tool.
Hi Flod, it's Transolution's Xliff Editor:

Does it cause you troubles? Would it be easier for you if I stopped using the tool? Any preferred tool for Windows to use instead? Thanks
No, no need to change it. I wonder if when we update the strings it will create some issues to you (like strings marked as fuzzy or similar when you already translated them), since I see an attribute state="translated" on targets.
OK, I'll ping you in case I see any issues with future updates to the xliff file. Thanks.
Hi Vlado,

Checking in for a sign-off status for v1. Slovak is currently only at 65% complete. If you would like to ship your work in v1, please translate the remaining 30%, test, and resolve this bug as FIXED before Friday, 14 August.

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Hi Vlado,

Just wanted to share one last reminder: If you would like to ship your work in v1, please translate any remaining en-US strings (see https://l10n.mozilla-community.org/~flod/webstatus/?product=firefox-ios ), test, and resolve this bug as FIXED before tomorrow, 14 August.

Hi Jeff, I do realize it's probably too late, but it's completed now for sk. It's a summer holiday season, bad timing really. Resolving the bug, please reopen if it needs to stay open til another release. Thank you.
Last Resolved: 2 years ago
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Hi Vlado,

We'll get it picked up in the release candidate 2 build. Thank you for your work! :-D
Awesome. Thank you.
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