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Mulet nightly builds have incorrect automation mozconfigs


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In bug 1132123 we moved mulet builds over to mozharness. The mulet mozconfigs are based on the browser mozconfigs, which set MOZ_AUTOMATION_UPLOAD_SYMBOLS=1 and MOZ_AUTOMATION_UPDATE_PACKAGING=1 when IS_NIGHTLY=yes. However, we don't want to do uploadsymbols and update-packaging for mulet, and the nightly builds break when it tries to do so.

We'll need to update the mulet mozconfigs to force these to zero, and the browser mozconfigs to default to 1 if not set.
Duplicate of this bug: 1141396
We don't want to do balrog updates for mulet builds, so delete the 'update' action. I also got rid of the other commented-out actions.
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mozconfig updates to disable uploadsymbols and update-packaging for mulet builds.
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leave-open until mozharness is updated
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Is there something else that needs to be set still? That did get merged to mozilla-central, though it didn't get marked, but while says it used a mozconfig with MOZ_AUTOMATION_UPDATE_PACKAGING=0, it (and all the other Mulet nightlies) still failed while trying to submit its nonexistent update to Balrog.
Yeah, the second patch on this bug is for mozharness, which disables trying to send the updates to balrog since we don't need that for mulet. After that, mulet nightlies should be green according to my staging tests.
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It should, yeah. I'm running that on try now, and if that looks good I'll push an update to inbound to use the latest mozharness.
m-c is now using the mozharness fix, so if the next set of mulet nightlies doesn't work, then something else is broken. Please ping me if that's the case!
Mulet nightlies are green now, closing.
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Removing leave-open keyword from resolved bugs, per :sylvestre.
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