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nsSHistory uses questionable lifetimes for pointers with GetNext()


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There's a number of places in nsSHistory that do something like this:

  nsCOMPtr<nsISHTransaction> trans = mListRoot;
  while (trans) {
    ... do some stuff with trans ...

    nsISHTransaction *temp = trans;

If |trans| had the last reference to the object, then when we assign to |trans| inside of GetNext(), then |this| of |GetNext()| is dead.

As it happens, GetNext() does not look like it touches |this| after setting the return value, and it looks like the places these are being use we are never going to have the last reference to the object, so I think it is safe, but it seems like it would be good to be less fragile here.

A fixed version of the body would look like:
    nsCOMPtr<nsISHTransaction> temp = trans.forget();

Then we'd be sure to keep |temp| alive for the duration of the getter.  This should not cause any additional refcount traffic.

Olli, do you agree that this code is safe as-is?  Do you think we should change it?

I noticed this while looking at poiru's patch in bug 1129795.
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Ancient code, but yeah, looks like it is safe, but we also should fix it to be less
error prone.
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I feel like I can take this review if you want to hand it off, smaug.
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Use strong references during iteration in nsSHistory.

thanks mconley, but I happened to look at the patch before I noticed your comment.
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