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3 years ago
catlee suggested a way to test out rule changes before applying them. You'd have  something that lets you modify one or more rules before they affect actual requests, and check them against a set of criterion.

I interpreted the criterion as specifying a release, with the option to restrict to a particular build target/locale/OS Version/etc to simulate a query. That could save on the nitty gritty of build target strings and buildIDs in the url, but we could leave the general case there too. Then specify which mapping should be used to serve the update, and verify that's what the rules deliver.
Priority: P5 → P3
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Although it's not fully fleshed out, I think bug 1369379 might be a more concrete idea about how to do this?
See Also: → bug 1369379
In some ways, implementing bug 1369379 gives us a sort-of automatic sandbox. Not a true sandbox, but we'd have a way to run queries against non-live Rules.


5 months ago
Blocks: 1392706
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