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Support rowgroup and colgroup HTML scope


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Received this from Paul Boman of Deque Systems during CSUN 2015. Excerpt from e-mail:

The first link below uses the colgroup and rowgroup attributes. The second link uses headers  and ID attributes. Neither method works well with NVDA. It would be great if you could look into it and determine whether the issue is with Firefox or NVDA.

I've confirmed that both table samples above don't read well at all with NVDA. Either the headers aren't associated at all, or they're wrong, e. g. off by 1 column, like in the second example.
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we don't implement rowgroup and colgroup values for scope attribute [1]

Blocks: htmla11y
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Summary: Some tables with row groups or header IDs have wrong header associations → Support rowgroup and colgroup HTML scope
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please file separate bug for spanned columns issue
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> HTMLTableHeaderCellAccessible::NativeRole()
> {
>   // Check value of @scope attribute.
>   static nsIContent::AttrValuesArray scopeValues[] =
>-    {&nsGkAtoms::col, &nsGkAtoms::row, nullptr};
>+    { &nsGkAtoms::col, &nsGkAtoms::colgroup,
>+      &nsGkAtoms::row, &nsGkAtoms::rowgroup, nullptr };
>   int32_t valueIdx =
>     mContent->FindAttrValueIn(kNameSpaceID_None, nsGkAtoms::scope,
>                               scopeValues, eCaseMatters);
>   switch (valueIdx) {
>-    case 0:
>+    case 0: case 1:
>       return roles::COLUMNHEADER;
>-    case 1:
>+    case 2: case 3:

imo its easier to read if case labels get their own line.
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Wow, so little code to fix this! Amazing! ;) r=me with the remark Trevor had about the case values being each on one line. I think this makes it easier to read indeed.

I filed bug 1146257 for the second sample.
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Closed: 7 years ago
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