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Firefox stops loading pages, process doesn't terminate properly


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Steps to reproduce:

I have had this issue occur repeatedly to me over the course of this week. Unfortunately I don't have any way to reproduce this issue other than browsing normally.

When I have experienced this issue, I have a moderate number of tabs open. Twice it has occured when browsing a specific forum ( although I don't think that is the cause as it has also happened at least once without any tabs from that site open at all.

Actual results:

Firefox was unable to load new pages - They'd just show a white screen and act as if waiting for a response from the remote server.

Each time this has happened I have verified that my internet connection is fine and I am able to load the web pages via an alternative browser.

I closed Firefox. Upon trying to load up Firefox again, it complains that Firefox is already running, and gives me the option to close Firefox. Then a message pops up to say my profile is missing or inaccessible.

I attempt to terminate the Firefox process in Task Manager, getting "Access Denied".

I start up Process Hacker, which tells me it is unable to kill Firefox because it is in the process of terminating.

I then need to reboot my laptop in order to be able to start Firefox.

Expected results:

Firefox should not have suddenly been unable to load new pages, it should've continued to work.

Firefox should've terminated properly, so I was able to start Firefox again without needing to restart.
Firefox crashed on startup and the crash report ( linked me to a related bugs that match the problem I am experiencing. Marking as duplicate =)
Closed: 6 years ago
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Duplicate of bug: 1124880
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