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SourceBuffer shouldn't be added to ActiveSourceBuffers list upon creation


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Per spec:

List the steps required when creating a sourcebuffer. Note that there aren't any references to ActiveSourceBuffers list.

The definition of ActiveSourceBuffers being:

"Contains the subset of sourceBuffers that are providing the selected video track, the enabled audio track(s), and the "showing" or "hidden" text track(s).

SourceBuffer objects in this list must appear in the same order as they appear in the sourceBuffers attribute. (e.g., If only sourceBuffers[0] and sourceBuffers[3] are in activeSourceBuffers, then activeSourceBuffers[0] must equal sourceBuffers[0] and activeSourceBuffers[1] must equal sourceBuffers[3].)

At creation time, the sourcebuffer object is empty, as such, it can't provide the selected video track, then enabled video track etc...

This cause failure of the webref test: media-source/mediasource-append-buffer.html

We don't support track selection, so at this stage, adding the sourcebuffer to activeSourceBuffers after a appendBuffer succeeded is probably sufficient.
Only add sourcebuffer to ActiveSourceBuffers list once we've proccessed the first init segment.
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Attached patch Part2. Update webref results (obsolete) — Splinter Review
Update webref results
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Those tests were all failing for the same reason. Wonder why it's still failing for AAC and H.264 though. Will look into it in another bug
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Update mochitest to test the proper behaviour
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First post should have contained:

From W3C:
Step 5: "If active track flag equals true, then run the following steps:

    Add this SourceBuffer to activeSourceBuffers.
    Queue a task to fire a simple event named addsourcebuffer at activeSourceBuffers
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To whomever it may concern, if this gets approved for uplift to Aurora, we'll probably want to revert at that time.
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Part1. Only add sourcebuffer to ActiveSourceBuffers once active

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