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Closing the "Restore Session" tab and recovering it can cause it to not contain the previous session anymore


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Steps to reproduce:

1. Open any site (for example this bug report).
2. Cause Firefox to crash and start it again until it asks to restore the session.
3. Click on "Close".
4. Go a page back.
5. Close the tab.
6. Go to the menu bar -> History -> "Recently Closed Tabs" and choose the "Restore Session" tab.

Actual results:

There is no session anymore that can be restored.

Expected results:

Since skipping step 3 and 4 causes the previous session not to be lost I think clicking on "Close" should act if the tab gets closed.
Component: Untriaged → Session Restore
Does this still reproduce for you?
If so, can you clarify the steps?  It seems to me there is something missing. (Or I am just misunderstanding)
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Keywords: dataloss
I'm still able to reproduce this issue with Firefox 49. The only point that could be missing is to enable the menu bar for step 6 in case it is disabled but otherwise I do see nothing incomplete. Which step is making troubles for you?
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