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Right-click context menu is often missing back-button


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Steps to reproduce:

Browse some pages in a tab and then right click anywhere in the page.

Actual results:

The context-menu that opens is missing the "back" arrow button.
This is happening since the button was introduced a few release back, I still see this on 36.0 on Linux/Ubuntu.

Expected results:

There should be a back-arrow button which performs the same action as the back button in the upper left corner.
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Can you try reproducing it:
* In Safe mode
* With a Firefox build from
* If it happens with both, with a Nightly build:  (backup or use a new profile:

Can you find a page pair where it happens consistently?
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Unfortunately I could not find a way to consistently reproduce it. When I restart the browser, I correctly get the menu for some time, but after using Firefox for some time it disappears and never comes back. 

I saw it on both Windows and Linux machines...
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QA Whiteboard: [bugday-20150330]
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Keywords: steps-wanted
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I have some feedback: It happens consistently if you select something on the page first.

1. Open a new page
2. Follow a link
3. Right click, find back button
4. Double click a word to select it
5. Right click, verify back buttton is magically missing
It also consistently happens on picture layers (try clicking any image in Wikipedia and then try to use the right click to go back to the article).

This is very annoying; if that feature absolutely can't be relied on, you tend to switch to other methods, but those often don't work either: Alt and left doesn't work on youtube, for example.

The only reliable method is the back button left of the url, but that's rather unconvenient. In short, there should be a reliable keyboard and mouse navigation method. Pages should not be allowed to spoil these.
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