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Disable mozharness desktop builds on beta/release by branch name instead of by gecko version


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... maybe!

mozharness desktop builds will ride to Beta when we merge at the end of March. The code for that is at

Then we'll have a point of difference as the release automation builds will still be using buildbot factories, which might result in bustage when the release automation runs. catlee suggested disabling mozharness desktop and using the existing buildbot factories for dep builds. That should result in bustage showing up after the merge, which is less time-critical.

To make the transition to mozharness we could work on converting the existing automation, or wait for build promotion to achieve the same result.

Comments ?
+1, this seems very sensible to me. Has anyone scoped out or started to look at moving release builds?
We haven't scoped it out yet. It seems like a lot of work, but maybe I'm wrong :) I'm hoping build promotion saves us!
iiuc keeping mh builds locked to m-c + m-a shouldn't be too bad. anything that has been riding the trains and only implemented in mh, will get lost in the cosmos when it hits beta.

However, I don't think there is anything special on aurora right now so holding back one cycle doesn't seem like the worst thing. Maybe just some fallout. ReleaseBuildFactory is not too bad in terms of code: extra uploading/updating steps but where there will be a time sink is in cross referencing the edge cases.
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this patch will have to land with the buildbot-config gecko version bump patch:
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thanks. over irc we agreed it would be better to be more explicit about this by using branch names so we don't have to do this again on next merge if MRF is not ported yet.

on default:
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I'll leave this open to do follow up path (comment 5)
Assignee: nthomas → jlund
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Resolution: FIXED → ---
Summary: Disable mozharness desktop builds on beta/release to avoid release automation bustage surprises → Disable mozharness desktop builds on beta/release by branch name instead of by gecko version
No longer blocks: 1123369
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this patch will apply on top of:

it uses a static gecko version of m-b so we don't run into this issue on next merge ;)

builderlist diff of this patch applied on top of 1155349#c33:

builderlist diff of both patches:
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::: mozilla/
@@ +3002,1 @@
>  # enable mozharness desktop builds across m-c and related branches

r+, but this comment needs updating.
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thanks and updated:

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