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Disable EME in ESR 38


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Windows Vista



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firefox38 + fixed
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firefox-esr38 --- verified
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[Tracking Requested - why for this release]:

We would like to disable EME in ESR (38) so we and Adobe do not need to maintain EME and CDM compatibility for the next twelve months. We don't think typical organizations using ESR to care about EME support. They can use Flash or Silverlight to watch movies, if they care.

* Anthony: this was the conclusion from a meeting with Javaun and Chad this morning. Does this sound reasonable to you?
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Component: General → Video/Audio
Blocks: 1144878
Will youtube end up using flash in ESR38, or try to use EME and just not show anything?
Firefox EME is not relevant to YouTube in Firefox 38. We are working with YouTube to support MSE (for HTML5 video) but not EME yet. YouTube supports Google's Widevine and Microsoft's PlayReady DRM, not the Adobe Primetime DRM we are currently integrating.

YouTube decides on the server whether to play Flash or HTML5 video. They don't do client-side feature detection because they want to minimize video playback latency.
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When you say disable, do you mean off-by-default or broken?
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I think we just want to default the "media.eme.enabled" pref to false as spohl describes in bug 1144903 comment 5 for the DRM-free build.
No longer blocks: 1144878
Tracking as it is important we follow that.
And this will need to be properly documented and managed as we build the ESR release.
Priority: -- → P1
(In reply to Chris Peterson [:cpeterson] from comment #4)
> I think we just want to default the "media.eme.enabled" pref to false as
> spohl describes in bug 1144903 comment 5 for the DRM-free build.

Yep (and the UI pref too).

The #defines for this should be MOZ_UPDATE_CHANNEL, something like

Ralph, Anthony nominated you to write this patch to disable EME in ESR and uplift it to Beta 38. :)
Assignee: nobody → giles
Ralph: Is there something we can do here before the ESR branch, or do we have to wait until the branch before we can close this bug?
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We have to wait but preparing the patch now would help (except if you think we will have rebase issues).
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Here's a patch which just flips the prefs unconditionally. This would need to land on the 38 branch after merge day to disable eme for the esr release. This approach was recommended by Gavin, and is the planned approach from disabling Hello in 1141058.

This should disable the UI as well, but I want to verify that the button to re-enable in browser-eme.js isn't exposed.
This version is conditional on MOZ_UPDATE_CHANNEL as :cpeterson suggested. Also needs to be verified, but it looks like we do set this properly for esr31.

We can land this version on 38 while it's still in beta and it won't become active until we do esr builds in May.
Sylvestre, do you have a preference as to which approach we take? We can land a conditional pref during 38 beta to become active in 38 esr, or we can land an unconditional pref after release before the first esr build.

I prefer te conditional pref as there's less to forget, but we'll need to verify either way.
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Just like you, I prefer the conditional pref, something less to worry about :)
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Comment on attachment 8593738 [details] [diff] [review]
Disable EME for Firefox 38 ESR (conditional patch)

This may not quite work as expected. For example, we query the value of "media.eme.enabled" in several places and default to true if the pref isn't set (see [1] for example). We probably need to set these prefs to false explicitly.

Thanks for the review, spohl. I thought there was another define for media.eme.enabled in the mozilla-beta firefox.js the previous patch would fall back to, like there is for browser.eme.ui.enabled, but I was mistaken.

Here's an updated patch with an explicit fallback and everything in one place. Going with the conditional approach per sledru.
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Comment on attachment 8594083 [details] [diff] [review]
Disable EME for Firefox 38 ESR (conditional patch v2)

Review of attachment 8594083 [details] [diff] [review]:

LGTM, but should get a Firefox peer to r+ this.
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Attachment #8594083 - Flags: review?(dolske) → review+
Comment on attachment 8594083 [details] [diff] [review]
Disable EME for Firefox 38 ESR (conditional patch v2)

Approval Request Comment
[Feature/regressing bug #]: EME
[User impact if declined]: 38 ESR users will be stuck with a minimal initial implementation, increasing our support burden.
[Describe test coverage new/current, TreeHerder]: local testing only.
[Risks and why]: This conditionally disables the EME feature for ESR build. If it accidentally disables eme otherwise, that will be obvious in beta builds. The main risk is that it doesn't completely disable eme in the eventual ESR builds, so we will need to verify that when the time comes.
[String/UUID change made/needed]: None, interface is already pref-controlled.
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Comment on attachment 8594083 [details] [diff] [review]
Disable EME for Firefox 38 ESR (conditional patch v2)

Thanks. Should be in 38 beta 6 or 7.
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Closed: 7 years ago
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Keywords: verifyme
QA Contact: alexandra.lucinet
Verified as fixed on ESR 38.0 (Build ID: 20150505103531) under Windows 7 x64 and Windows 8.1 x32 - EME is properly disabled.
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Chris, now that we are working on 45 (the next ESR), are we going to do the same for this release? thanks
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Good question. Now that Netflix has launched with EME on Windows, the code is stable enough that we don't need to disable it in ESR 45.
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