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Ensure all JS in m-c is parseable


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I would like to be able to parse all .js and .jsm files in the tree. The patches in here make that happen.
The way we were using the preprocessor in these two files (with comments interleaved) was messing up my broken preprocessing code. This patch switches these two cases to use AppConstants.
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This code must be unused or something. It's not syntactically correct. This patch fixes it.
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Having the executable bit set on these JS files is screwing up my heuristics for finding JS code. There's no reason for these files to be executable, so I think we should turn it off.

Fabrice, can you "review" the DOM changes and Gavin the rest?
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Remove executable permission from some js files

Not sure how that happened in the first place!
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Fix code that is broken or unused

Can you file a bug on removing CRH_DIALOG_TREE_VIEW-related code?
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Oh, looks like there are a bunch of other #ifdefs in applications.js...
Oops. These files are actually pretty hard cases for eliminating the preprocessor since they use #expand and HAVE_SHELL_SERVICE (not sure what that is). I'll re-land when I can but leave the * annotations in the files.
HAVE_SHELL_SERVICE is basically trying to exclude MOZ_WIDGET_QT (and maybe OS2 and other non-supported things), so AppConstants.platform won't quite work. We might be able to just get rid of it entirely.

For the #expands its easy enough to add MOZ_APP_NAME and MOZ_MACBUNDLE_NAME to AppConstants.
(Don't need to chase those in this bug, certainly.)
I accidentally clobbered the addon-sdk part of this when I landed bug 1146943 today so relanded as
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