View-source shows old copy of the page.



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Steps to reproduce:

Set up a simple html file, localhost/test.htm
The view-source doesn't work properly when you:

1. Open the page.
2. Ctrl+U, look at it, move source window away
3. F12, look at console.
4. Edit the html file, change text.
5. Reload the page, Ctrl+U and notice it shows the OLD source instead of the new text that is actually shown on the page.

Actual results:

It shows old source, and not what is actually shown in the browser.

Expected results:

It should show the actual source it's showing in the browser.
At the moment it's not happening in a Firefox 36 install. I guess that's why it's beta :) hope it's fixed by final release.
Component: Untriaged → Developer Tools
I am not able to reproduce this issue with 37.  Are there any other steps you can think of that might be needed to trigger the issue?

Can try a testing with a clean profile in case it's caused by add-ons or other settings?
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I'm not able to reproduce the issue in Firefox 40 nightly, but I can't NOT have this problem in my Firefox 37.0-b7 build.

And yes, this happened on firefox --safe-mode too.
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Okay.  My advice would be to use Nightly or Developer Edition (Aurora) if you can then.

But, it would also be good to know when this was introduced.
This is weird, it is fine in Windows and Firefox 27.0.1 I just updated to. On Ubuntu I have this problem (even in Firefox safe-mode.)
I can't reproduce this on Ubuntu 15.04 w/ Firefox 41. Does this still reproduce for you, Luke?
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Closing this as incomplete due to inactivity and the lack of a reproducible test case. Feel free to reopen the bug if there's an updated testcase that still reproduces the issue.
Closed: 4 years ago
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Product: Firefox → DevTools
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