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Line wrap option needed


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Some web pages do not resize with the browser window, which sometime makes the
content unreadable. 

It would be VERY usefull to have the option to switch ON/OFF automatic line-wrap
just like in this "Description" text-area-input-field.

The following is an example of ONE line (approx. 1000 letters) of e-mail message
found at tho URL mentioned above. Right now the browser has a horisontal elevator.

This could also be usefull in connection with the Zoom-funtionnallity (CNTL+) of

Sir,I have both the cds of red hat 7.1. The problem is within fews times of
installtion process when the setup is asking for the 2nd cd & when i am entering
the 2nd one then it is saying that it is not a red hat cd, though everything
including key & necessary files are available in the second one.I have prepared
installation folppy several times, but at the booting time it is giving a
message that boot failed replace disk.I have tried the alternate process, i.e.
copied the whole content of 2 cd roms in a dir. My 2nd hdd which contains the
contents of cd roms in tree format is formatted in fat16. As my installtion
floppy is not running thus i boot into real time dos mode & run the autorun.bat
file. But installation trying to search iso images in my hdd, which is not
available with me & being two large files i am unable to download the
same.Please advice me how can i overcome this problem as this installtion is
very urgent to me. Pl. note i cann't do http or network installati!

Reproducible: Always
Steps to Reproduce:
1. GO TO
2. SEARCH FOR "Sir,I have both the cds"
3. GO TO "Redhat-list digest, Vol 1 #3311 - 13 msgs"
4. SCROLL DOWN TO THE TEXT "Sir,I have both the cds"

Actual Results:  See Description

Expected Results:  N/A
confirming rfe.....
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I will find a configurable button quite useful as well. When I was using
Windoze, my favourite free text editor, NoteTab Lite, had it.

It is very importang to be able to toggle this on/off as I like to be able to
read my Apache logs without hte wrapping, one hit at a line and with the
wrapping - all info on the screen without scrolling.

Same wor mail/news. A button Wrap/non-wrap will be very helpful. In wrap mode
double clicking it will simply produce what now Rewrap menu item does! May be I
should fill a RFI on that...
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Isn't this a duplicate of bug 16909?
Depends on: 16909
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