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3 years ago
Apparently the feed on points to an outdated feed. Please use Thanks.

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3 years ago
Does Planet you down? Is RSS, Atom and XML too confusing? How many times have you opened one bug, only to find a bunch of other bugs inside? 

Why is aggregating text so difficult? There _must_ be an easier way!

Well, now there is!

All you need is a browser and Bugzilla account, and you can get your feed problems sorted in no time at all. By filing a bug directly in Websites:Planet your bug goes directly to the right people. People who know aggregators, and know that it's not really about the text: it's about you. The reader. 

Those people will dig in and find out the real problems. Like how it's actually the Project planets that uses the incorrect feed. And how Planet proper does not actually aggregate the QMO feed at all!

And they won't be satisfied until you - the reader - are satisfied with the text on your screen.

And since you filed this bug today, not only will we correct the Project feed.  We'll throw in that extra feed to Planet Mozilla at no cost. That's right: by acting now, you'll get revision 139550 and we'll throw in revision 139551 absolutely free. 

But that's not all! 

Because the Planet people care about you, they will take the time to find the old QMO feed in the L10N aggregator too. So we'll throw in revision 139552. That's three brand new fixes for the cost of one. What an incredible deal!

And don't forget: those changes can on your screen within the hour.

Act now.

(I'm so sorry. I found the second outdated feed and then I started a sentence with "Not only will I..." and then I had the voice of that Billy Mays guy in my head and I had to backtrack and write that whole thing. I am so sorry.)
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