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User Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; rv:37.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/37.0
Build ID: 20150326190726

Steps to reproduce:

Open a tab with any site (yahoo, facebook, etc.) that has images. It will load fine. With that tab open, open a new tab and on that new tab go to this link:

It will open the chat that you see on the screen below

Scroll down on the chat to see the older messages, keep scrolling down till the images on the messages aren't showing (white space where there should be a image as seen on the screenshot. some times can take longer to happen and some times happens quickly), make sure to keep scrolling a bit more even after the images start to be missing.

Then switch to the other tab you opened and you will see that most of the images on it are missing now as shown on the following screenshot

This behavior doesn't happens on the stable version 36.0.4. I already tested it and on the stable version is working correctly. It seems that something on the code of that chat doesn't gets along with the changes made on Firefox 37 beta or even with the Nightly 39 (I tested this bug on the Nightly version and the bug was there too).

For YouTube is an immediate issue. Open a new tab an go to YouTube (make sure no YouTube tabs are open) and then open a video you uploaded.

This is how the images for the video should look:

How it should look:

And this is how it is looking actually:

You have to refresh the video page for the image to appear correctly.

Actual results:

For some reason images some times doesn't appears or if you're on a site with lots of images, after some times Firefox stops showing images and the already shown images disappear and if you open a new tab to see another site, it remains trying to load and most images on the site you try to load won't appear.

This behavior doesn't happens on stable Firefox 36.04 version, nor on other browsers. On version 36.04 all works correctly, same with browsers like Chrome or Internet Explorer.

I noticed that ever since Firefox 37 beta got released, there has been some issues related to the images displaying. Some times we get an error message saying "This image cannot be displayed because it contains errors." When is not true since on other browsers the same image gets loaded correctly.

I already tried a new profile, safe mode, disabling add-ons and nothing worked. This error appears also on the Nightly version 39

Expected results:

Images on YouTube for video owner's edition tools (Music, CC, etc) should appear correctly and images shouldn't disappear all of sudden on other tabs nor on the active tab after you have been browsing images for a long time. This mostly since the ram usage some times doesn't even reach 500MB when that happens.


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Alias: Daniel


4 years ago
Alias: Daniel

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4 years ago
One of the images's links wasn't complete. it is the one showing how it should look the layout on youtube correctly:

Comment 2

4 years ago
thi chat consumes a lot of memory. what's the memory use of FF37 when the images disappear?

Comment 3

4 years ago
See for more info
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4 years ago
(In reply to Loic from comment #2)
> thi chat consumes a lot of memory. what's the memory use of FF37 when the
> images disappear?

When it started to happen a few days ago, the memory usage was around 450MB, so it wasn't that much. I even tested it by closing Firefox and opening it again and just opening the chat and another tab so the memory usage was as low as possible being a new session since Firefox the more you keep it open and using it, the more ram it starts to use. As I said, on the stable Firefox 36.0.4 this problem doesn't happens, since that same day I installed it and I managed to see the messages from a day ago and the images didn't dissapear all of sudden. The day I noticed this happening on Firefox 37, I didn't need to scroll down a lot for the problem to start to happen. It were just to see the messages from to hours before, as you can see on the screenshot when it happened.

That same day I tested this on Chrome by opening first a tab with facebook, and then opened another tab with the chat and I could scroll down till I saw the messages from a day ago on the chat and the images didn't disappear.

On youtube's case it is an independent issue from the one on the chat because it is just matter of just open Firefox, then open youtube and watch a video you uploaded (of course you have to log in first in youtube so you can see your personalization controls for your video) and you will see how the button options for info and settings, Enhancements, Audio, Annotations, Cards and Captions as well the pencil icon that appears when you move the mouse cursor over the video title to edit it are missing while the Analytics and Video Manager Buttons appear moved to the left when they should be to the right.

On that matter I went right now to youtube to see a video I uploaded and the memory usage didn't reach the 300MB.

My PC has 4GB RAM and it has a 4 cores CPU, it is a 3Ghz Core i5 one, and I had a lot of disk space, as well a 2GB dedicated video card, so is not lack of resources since on other browsers this issue doesn't happens.
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Comment 5

4 years ago
Forgot to mention that it seems you did something to Firefox since after downloading a small 3mb update yesterday, now on that chat I can see a whole day of posts (I think it was a day and a few hours tops of posts) before the images disappear. In this case the RAM usage went up to 753 MB. This happened only after I downloaded that small update for Firefox 37. The one I downloaded yesterday was the version 37.0 (20150326190726), it was a 3mb in size one since I updated it through the about Firefox window and there it shows the download progress for the update.

I even reseted Firefox preferences (I closed firefox and renamed the prefs.js file so a new one was created) and the issue was there. Same for youtube, but as I said before, the youtube one is a fast one and even in a newly open Firefox without any other tabs open happens.

Comment 6

4 years ago
If you're able to reproduce the issue on your machine, could you install the devtool Mozregression (see and find a regression range, please.
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Comment 7

4 years ago
I'll see about the devtool Mozregression.

By the way. with the Firefox 36 beta 10 on the chat I could see 2 days of posts without the images disappearing. The difference was that this time Firefox crashed, Maybe it was because the ram usage was too high at that point. Also as long as I don't scroll down to see messages beyond a day ago, things work normal.

The youtube issue (missing images for info and settings, Enhancements, Audio, Annotations, Cards and Captions as well the pencil icon that appears when you move the mouse cursor over the video title to edit it) also happens on the stable 36.04 version. Maybe that's an issue on youtube code or something that doesn't gets along with Firefox? I say it because it is just matter of pressing F5 to refresh for to see the images correctly on our videos.

I even thought it was maybe the html5 player and returned to the flash one but no, it had nothing to do with that.

I'll check if the Mozregression can give me some insight about that.
Hi reporter,

I didn't managed to reproduce this issue on my end. I've tested on the latest release(43.0) and latest Nightly(46.0a1). There wasn't so much activity on the chat. I managed to test a few scrolls there but no issues observed with the images.

User Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; rv:43.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/43.0
Build ID: 20151208100201

User Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; rv:46.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/46.0
Build ID: 20151216030229

Can you please try to reproduce this on your end using the latest release(43.0) and latest Nightly(46.0a1) with a new Firefox profile (maybe safe mode activated) and provide the results? Sometimes custom settings or installed add-ons can provoke this kind of issues.

Since the reporter didn't provide the requested information, I will mark this issue as RESOLVED INCOMPLETE. If you still encounter this problem, please feel free to reopen this bug, or file a new one.
Last Resolved: 3 years ago
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