"Add to Home" dialog does not disappear after "Add" application to homescreen



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* Description:
In website [1], it has a web app manifest, so it can be installed as a web app. However, after installed, the "ADD to home" dialog does not disapeear.

* STR:
1. use browser to visit [1]
2. tap top right button and then tap "Add to home screen" option
3. tap "Add" button on "ADD APPLICATION" section.

* Expected result:
After install to Homescreen, the "Add to Home" dialog should disappear and direct user back to the web page

* Expected result:
After install to Homescreen, the "Add to Home" dialog is still there.

[1] http://mozilla-b2g.github.io/qa-testcase-data/hermescheng/short_name-support/bookmark.html
The web app manifest: https://github.com/mozilla-b2g/qa-testcase-data/blob/gh-pages/hermescheng/short_name-support/bookmark-manifest.webapp

Ben, could you take a look?
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This is by design.

I agree it's confusing but that's what the UX spec says https://mozilla.app.box.com/s/fhlmfa4xyooqpwaaaczc/1/2545278347/24886256343/1

I have proposals for a different UI, but I'm not even sure whether this feature will ever ship at this point.
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