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PerformanceStatsService data is not monotonic


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After switching from 16ms resolution to 1ms resolution, it appears that the data provided by the PerformanceStatsService is not monotonic. We should work around that limitation.
Attached patch monotonic.diff (obsolete) — Splinter Review
This patch implements a lightweight fix to force the times used by the stopwatch monitoring to be monotonic. Also, it reactivates a subtest deactivated in bug 674779, minus a subsubtest whose fix will be more sophisticated and will need bug 1150045.

Incidentally, I suspect that the failures in the later subsubtest is due to a previous test using Jetpack to build an add-on but not cleaning up properly after itself (reading list? loop?)
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Component: General → Performance Monitoring
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Review of attachment 8586822 [details] [diff] [review]:

::: js/src/vm/Interpreter.cpp
@@ +567,5 @@
>          kernelTimeInt.LowPart = kernelFileTime.dwLowDateTime;
>          kernelTimeInt.HighPart = kernelFileTime.dwHighDateTime;
> +        // Convert 100 ns to 1 us, make sure that the result is monotonic
> +        *systemTime = runtime_->
> +            stopwatch.systemTimeFix.monotonize(kernelTimeInt.QuadPart / 10);

This fits on one line (99 chars)

@@ +573,5 @@
>          userTimeInt.LowPart = userFileTime.dwLowDateTime;
>          userTimeInt.HighPart = userFileTime.dwHighDateTime;
> +        // Convert 100 ns to 1 us, make sure that the result is monotonic
> +        *userTime = runtime_->
> +            stopwatch.userTimeFix.monotonize(userTimeInt.QuadPart / 10);

And here.
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Applied feedback.
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I believe that what you encountered is actually bug 1150259, which is anterior. I'll probably want to deactivate the test under Windows XP.
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So, Wes, how do you want to handle this? I have just put up for review a wallpaper patch for bug 1150259, btw.
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Disabling your way to victory is more than acceptable to me. :)
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In that case, let's land this bug, and let's handle bug 1150259 in bug 1150259.
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Keywords: checkin-needed
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