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Document the differences between the raw engineering builds and the ones published


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Per bug 1150009, we discovered the differences between the engineering build you have by simply running ./ and the engineering builds we publish (like on or pvtbuilds).

Let's document that.
Started Still some variables to explain.
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The QA team was wondering why we have all these variables set on the build slaves. Do you have an idea, Nick? If not, do you know who can help us?

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Chris David Mills moved the doc page to which makes sense. I've deleted the page I created yesterday.

I also updated the meaning of every variable after some investigation. There is one that I'm not sure of: MOZ_AUTOMATION=1. This is a Gecko variable. Martijn, do you know about this variable?
Sorry, I don't know anything about this variable.
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Hi Chris,

Per bug 946691 comment 3, the MOZ_AUTOMATION variable seems to have been introduced at that time. I'm not sure what it changes from TINDERBOX_OUTPUT. Is it something you might be able to help me figure out? Thanks !
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It's meant to be a more general variable than TINDERBOX_OUTPUT, and is to be used as a hint to the build system that the build is running under automation.
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Ok, so if I understand correctly, neither Gecko or Gaia would be affected by this variable. I've cleared that variable on the MDN page.
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