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Thunderbird 40.0

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tb part, v1

Bug 674779 adds about:performance. From bug 674779 comment 149
> It's a top-like tool that displays for each webpage and add-on the amount of CPU, system time, CPOW time, jank during the latest n milliseconds. For the moment, that's only for JS code (including native code called by JS). In future versions, I hope to add memory use and plug-in use.
> This feature is Nightly-only for the time being, with no definite plans to let it ride the trains. For the moment, the intended users are 1/ us; 2/ add-on developers. I hope to eventually make this useful for power users, but this will require UX and l10n work.

This would not directly accessible if your application hasn't a location bar (I altered a link on about:support to test it, Error console input can also open it from JavaScript).
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::: mail/installer/package-manifest.in
@@ +543,5 @@
>  #endif
>  @RESPATH@/components/toolkit_asyncshutdown.xpt
>  @RESPATH@/components/toolkit_filewatcher.xpt
>  @RESPATH@/components/toolkit_formautofill.xpt
> +@RESPATH@/components/toolkit_perfmonitoring.xpt

nit: i think the convention is to have these be in alphabetical order, so move it down one row
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Duplicate of this bug: 1151789

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r=me Also a=CLOSED TREE for SeaMonkey
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