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animation panel doesn't show animation when first opened


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Firefox 40
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Attached file css-t3.html
Open the attached html and then open the inspector.

When the inspector opens, the <body> is selected.
However, the animations panel is empty.

Click on the <div> or <head>, and then back to the <body>.
Now the animation is visible.

I think it should be visible when the inspector is first opened.
Interestingly, if the "Rules" sidebar tab is selected by default when the inspector opens, and you then click on the "Animations" tab, it works.
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I found the issue, the animation-panel only reacts to AnimationsController.PLAYERS_UPDATED_EVENT events, which tells it when to update the list of players in the panel. But when it initializes, it should also update the list, in case there has been players retrieved by the AnimationsController before.
It's a one line fix, but I also need to add a new test for this.
Blocks: 1120900
/r/6697 - Bug 1151018 - Refresh the list of Animation widgets when the animation panel loads; r=bgrins

Pull down this commit:

hg pull -r 9813acd9e6edb455434f2ed06bc2e71f5a772032
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This does add a bit more work on initialization (even if the animation tab isn't active), but it's such a simple solution to fix the bug that it's worth it.
(In reply to Brian Grinstead [:bgrins] from comment #5)
> This does add a bit more work on initialization (even if the animation tab
> isn't active)
Not much in fact because createPlayerWidgets will first call destroyPlayerWidgets but that will early return because there are no widgets, and will then check `AnimationsController.animationPlayers.length` which will be 0 (because the panel is hidden) and will therefore early return.
So this shouldn't be too bad.
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