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ActiveLayerTracker::IsOffsetOrMarginStyleAnimated should respect CSS animations


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It's what we do for transform and opacity animations, and it makes it easier to write reliable tests.
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I didn't add will-change support because I didn't want to deal with budgeting.
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::: layout/base/ActiveLayerTracker.cpp
@@ +320,5 @@
> +        nsLayoutUtils::HasCurrentAnimationsForProperty(content, eCSSProperty_margin_right) ||
> +        nsLayoutUtils::HasCurrentAnimationsForProperty(content, eCSSProperty_margin_bottom)) {
> +      return true;
> +    }
> +  }

I'm worried that this will make nsDisplayListBuilder::IsAnimatedGeometryRoot significantly slower when called on an element which has a transition or animation --- HasCurrentAnimationsForProperty will do repeated work in that case.

How about we extend nsLayoutUtils::HasCurrentAnimationsForProperty, AnimationPlayerCollection::HasCurrentAnimationsForProperty, and Animation::HasAnimationOfProperty to take a list of properties? Seems like this wouldn't add much complexity.
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How do you feel about this? I could also make it pointer + length, so that we can skip the array construction. It would be nice to have a type that wraps just that, and std::initializer_list would be such a type, but unfortunately it seems like we can't use that yet.
(It says yes on the "Using C++ in Mozilla code" page, but clang on OS X wants me to #include <initializer_list>, which it doesn't find unless we build with -std=c++11, but currently we build with -std=gnu++0x, I don't know why.)
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::: layout/base/ActiveLayerTracker.cpp
@@ +321,5 @@
> +    properties.AppendElement(eCSSProperty_bottom);
> +    properties.AppendElement(eCSSProperty_margin_left);
> +    properties.AppendElement(eCSSProperty_margin_top);
> +    properties.AppendElement(eCSSProperty_margin_right);
> +    properties.AppendElement(eCSSProperty_margin_bottom);

Having to initialize the array this way is rather horrible. Does it optimize to efficient code? If yes, keep it, otherwise let's go with explicit pointer + length.
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The generated code was horrible: 8 invocations of EnsureCapacity. I'm going with pointer + length.
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Closed: 5 years ago
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::: layout/base/ActiveLayerTracker.cpp
@@ +314,5 @@
> +  nsIContent* content = aFrame->GetContent();
> +  if (content) {
> +    // An std::initializer_list would be much better than an nsTArray here.
> +    nsAutoTArray<nsCSSProperty,8> properties;
> +    properties.AppendElement(eCSSProperty_left);

FWIW, you could do:

nsCSSProperty* p = properties.AppendElements(8);
*p++ = eCSSProperty_left;
*p++ = eCSSProperty_top;

That would at least only call EnsureCapacity() once.  But that's still more executable code than pointer+length, so...
I'm going to back out the important parts of this again because of bug 1151889. I think that's the right thing to do anyway until bug 1009693 is fixed, because until that happens, the only animations that can benefit from layerization are step() animations that align with layer pixels.
Backed out:
Resolution: FIXED → ---
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