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chroot content processes on B2G


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When bug 930258 is done, B2G content processes won't be accessing the filesystem directly, so they can be chroot()ed into a deleted directory as in bug 1151607.  This will avoid any cases where filesystem path lookup isn't, or can't be, prevented by seccomp-bpf; e.g., bug 1066750.
This applies the chroot()-to-deleted-directory code to content processes on B2G if a file broker is being used, and it passes Try ( and it *almost* looks right.

In fact, it's badly broken: it reintroduces bug 970676 for processes not started through Nuwa.

To make this work, I have to start child processes as root (partially reversing my own work in bug 977859, ironically) and then have them change uid after calling SandboxEarlyInit… but while they're still single-threaded except for the chroot helper.

This patch's problem is the SetCurrentProcessPrivileges call in nsEmbedFunctions — it's there because it needs to be in libxul to access that symbol, but when I wrote that I forgot that we've already initialized Binder at that point, so we get Binder threads running as root.  (Also, the way I tripped over bug 970676 in the first place no longer catches this — tgkill within the same process is always allowed, ignoring uids, as of [065add3][] in 2.6.35.)

I'm not quite sure what the best fix is, but I'm posting the work-in-progress anyway.  I might not be getting back to this soon, and it's also a nice demonstration of why this needs to be done carefully.

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Thought: have SandboxEarlyInit call SetCurrentProcessPrivileges via a function pointer sent down into libmozsandbox the same way as the crash callback, the same way SandboxEarlyInit drops capabilities on desktop.
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B2G-specific sandboxing bugs are WONTFIX.  (I'm reasonably sure these bugs don't have implications for other platforms, but comment if I missed something.)
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